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during confirmation hearings. his past statements will israel, the cuban embargo and openly gay imburse ambassador. >> he says the war couldn't be won and we were fighting it in 2006. >> chuck hagel if confirmed tock secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense towards the state of israel in our nation's history. >> hagel's infantry service in vietnam earned him two purple house. the white house is reportedly ready to defend his nomination. >> california lawmakers will get back to work with a democratic supermajor superit in both houses. >>> the governor said hey, everybody just calm down here and take a deep breath, especially in his own party. we're not just turning it off and rampage the place, okay? so i think what you are going to see is a kind of accommodation and a little caution. >> analysts anticipate that the first big issue will be education, especially college tuition hikes. although the budget will be in better shape, he also says there is always more demands than money available. >>> assembly woman nancy skinner plans to talk about new leg
israel and stand up to iran on nuclear weapons. >> israel must negotiate with hamas. >> do his views make sense for that particular job? i think he ought to be give an fair hearing like any other nominee and he will be. >> reporter: we contacted senator dianne feinstein, she supports chuck hagel as secretary of defense. a hearing will not be held till after inauguration. ktvu channel 2 news. barbara boxer said i will follow chuck hagel's process very closely to ensure he shares the president's commitment to a secure middle east. >>> san jose's first city councilman took office today. he was elected in november to respect the 10th district. he is happy to serve a city that is so diverse. arab americans are beginning to get involved in the community. >> after 9/11 the community got scared and went inside their shells. i think now that they understand that we have a great community of very understanding and open people. >> he is a financial advisory that grew up in san jose. >>> the popular host of "california's gold" huell howser died. his production company said he passed away last night a
remarks on israel, iran and gays in the military have been distorted. confirmation hearings could start as early as this week. >>> the family of aaron swartz, a young internet pioneer who relatives say committed suicide yesterday say the government is partly to blame for his death. swartz developed the widely used computer code rss at the age 14. the 26-year-old was set to go on trial next month on charges of illegally downloading technology information. the u.s. attorney in massachusetts and mit pursued exceptionally harsh charges that could have sent him to prison for 30 years, which the family claims contributed to his death. his death has prompted a twitter response. thousands of his supporters in research have taken to the social networking site to provide links to academic papers regardless of whether they have permission. the protest, running under the hashtag pdf tribute is meant to be a virtual representation of aaron swartz' believes in the availability and access of all information. >>> an inspection of a boeing 787 dreamliner confirmed today that the aircraft had a fuel leak
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3